Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm still Alive!

The fact that bungee jumping is all that you've heard from me in the past while does a great injustice what my life actually consists of while here.

I will write more in depth soon but just know I still love you all!!

Just to leave you with one thought--This is the "Mato Oput" being put into action in the communities formerly thought of as most violent here in Uganda:

1. Do not commit the first offence to anybody in the world.
2. Have respect for all the world.
3. Speak the truth at all times.
4. Never, ever tell lies under all circumstances, even if your neck is being cut off. It is better for you to die for the truth than to tell lies.
5. Do not steal.

It is impossible in such a short and brief explanation to describe the depth of the significance of this in the midst of such a tribal culture.

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