Sunday, December 5, 2010

The TRUTH about popping your back.

So we've all heard people debate about whether popping your back is good for you or not. Well, I've got the answer. More like my Natural doc has the answer.

When you pop your back, the ligaments surrounding your spinal column are actually SPRAINED. Ironically, this is what causes the discomfort that urges you to pop your back in the first place.

Short term effects? Minor.
Long term? Back problems.
Experience minor pains already and frequently pop your back? Perhaps this is why.

So what's the alternative? Spinal stretches and strength training.
Great yoga stretches for the spinal column: Cobra, Cat, Cow, Downward dog, Bridge, and many others. Cobra is my favorite. And yes--if you are unfamiliar with yoga--those are the actual names.

Stretching to release toxicity and align muscles/ligaments is a much better route.

This is a sad discovery as I pop my own back (and am quite skilled at it) nearly everyday at LEAST once. However, I look forward to being able to tell you how much greater it feels to have a strong, well knit back with ligaments perfectly in place.

All this to say: Sorry, I will no longer be of service to pop your back :)

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