Thursday, July 30, 2009

Faces imprinted only in my mind

As I look over pictures both on facebook and in my camera tonight, I realize how much of an injustice that generic pictures do to life as a whole. While they certainly portray the exciting and fun-filled times full of laughter and sillines, they seem to negate the pain and struggles which exist simply as a result of being a living, breathing human.

That has certainly proven to be the case this summer. As I look at the great many faces of those in pictures from the past couple months, alot of the faces which have impacted me most deeply are missing. And it's an interesting thing. Even when looking through the pages of my journal there are an endless amount of names which are never even mentioned yet have left a lasting imprint.

And I wonder why it is that humans so readily bury the reality of what lies beneath the surface.

There is beauty in homelessness and physical illness and all that cannot be hidden; at least their struggles are obvious.

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