Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How did we get here?

How does a nation get to a place where it knows so little?
(Yes, I’m generalizing)

Where caffeine sustains the existence of a people who do too much?
(So we become dependent on it)

Where the same thing that “sustains our energy” robs us of life?
(Yet no one knows)

Where alcohol is our “quick-fix” to a long day?
(Though it simply buries our struggles, making problems worse)

Where we buy into the illusion we can do more than we can?
(Until we drop because we’ve pushed it too far)

Where most of what we eat is only an illusion of the food our body needs?
(Because it’s so chemically manipulated)

Where our bodies can’t absorb the nutrients from the food we do eat?
(Because we are so overloaded with toxins)

Where we have to peel ourselves out of bed in the morning?
(And think lack of sleep is the only reason why)

Where most of the faces around us are laden with fatigue?
(Yet we simply write it off as “a part of life”)

Where we believe sickness is always something that just “happens” to us?
(When we often perpetuate the cycles that prolong it)

Where our minds are so divorced from what our bodies are telling us?

If we listen, we will find the beginnings of wisdom.

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