Friday, November 20, 2009

People come and people go.

It's funny how we never realize the significance of our time with people until time somehow manages to escape us. I have failed to mention that Mia and Pernille have been staying with us for the past seven weeks. From Denmark, they are in their interim between High School and University seeing the world in an attempt to decide what they want to do with their lives.

Though in Africa, it has been interesting to have such a global home: Africans from various tribes, Europeans and Americans all living under the same roof. Obviously this implies varying world views which is grounds for intriguing conversation. Unshakable faith, a faith that questions and atheism/agnosticism have occupied the same space. In addition, a people that are aware of global issues, a people that try but are somewhat ignorant by means of society and a people who are concerned with solely what is before them is also represented. My point is not to say one world view is better than another but simply highlight some of the most obvious generalizations. To reinact conversations would be both difficult and unnecessary, but it has been challenging (in a positive way), to say the least.

And I am convinced that conversation and communication between extreme views, when done in a healthy way, is always positive. The world is a large place and to assume for a moment we can begin to solve its issues alone is both prideful and ignorant. May we be humbled and continually reminded we are part of a people group beyond ourselves.

And so as I say goodbye to Mia and Pernille, not knowing if or when I will see them again, I am thankful for the time we've had and encouraged by their eagerness to seek genuine meaning in life.

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