Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today I will not lie to you.

I have now been in uganda for a month; the precise amount of time experts say you will inevitably wrestle with the culture you happen to be in and miss deep friendships. While I would love to tell you that I do not fit the cookie-cutter mold, I cannot.

Though I have traveled before and wrestled with things, it does not fail to be true the third/fourth time around. You'll often hear the saying that "'there' soon becomes 'here' regardless of where you go," and it is undeniably true.

There is nothing I want more than to get away for a few days/weeks/months/YEARS (ok, a little extreme) and just acknowledge the fact that life goes on without me. Is it possible that I need a sabbatical just shy of 20 years old? Haha, I laugh. But today i am entirely genuine.

And I don't doubt this will change again; that the things I am finding negative in Ugandan society will soon prove to be signs of hope for me. But there's no way to know when or how or whatever. So you can just smile when you read the positive update and remember I told you the encouragement would come :)

On the bright side, the people here are no less wonderful than they were the first day--on campus, at my home stay, and in the community. We went to Jinja this past weekend and I could talk for hours of the positive and negatives of it, but time does not lend itself to that. I worked in the garden with Mama the other day and anticipate the days that are to come tilling the African soil. It is a mind-boggling thing to consider the process of life; growing and maturing seeds/humans/animals.

I am continually striving to see the connection the underlies all of mankind and life in general; our necessity for each other in order for life to exist at all.

Know that I love and appreciate your presence in my life far more than you know.


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